Héctor Ramos

The Answer to "Will You Mentor Me?" Is No

The answer to “Will you mentor me?” is no

If you claim to be “very passionate about X” but have never done anything concrete in X I find it difficult to take you seriously. People who are really passionate about anything don’t wait for “leaders” or “mentors” before doing concrete work in the area of their passion, however limited. Specifically wrt to programming/machine learning etc in the days of the internet and with sites like Amazon or the MIT OCW you have no limits except those you impose on yourself.

For some reason Bangalore is crawling with people who first want to form a community and then start learning/working/whatever. These efforts almost invariably peter out uselessly. First do the work. Then if you feel like “communing” talk to others who are also working hard. Please read this, sent to me by my friend Prakash Swaminathan.

Sent my way by Pablo, who says “replace Bangalore with Puerto Rico.”