Héctor Ramos

COM:LINK Hits It Big in Japan

I was looking through my usage stats for the week, and noticed a weird 400% bump in the daily COM:LINK downloads. A quick look through my referrers pointed me to this article from a Japanese blog, the iPhone iPod Touch Lab.

Well, if you prefer to read the article in English, here is a link from Google with a not-so-accurate translation. The introduction reads (loosely translated back into English):

Once widely used, the two-way radio is seldom seen on a mobile phone except for business use.

COM:LINK for the iPhone\iPod Touch (2G with Bluetooth) uses the new Bluetooth feature to bring you a free application that relives the nostalgia of walkie-talkie communications.

It was a nice surprise to see the application covered all the way over in Japan, but much nicer was seeing how the userbase has grown over the last week. We now have more Japanese users than all other countries combined.

In the next month an update to COM:LINK should be arriving which will bring even more sharing features to the most popular Bluetooth walkie-talkie application in the App Store (that side of the world, anyway!).