Héctor Ramos

COM:LINK - Two Way Bluetooth Walkie Talkie

Our latest application, COM:LINK, is built upon the iPhone’s new Bluetooth Voice Chat functionality. It allows two friends to chat through their iPhone or iPod Touch using the Bluetooth connection, with out running down their minutes.

Of course, you will need to be within a few hundred feet of each other for the Bluetooth connection to be established. Once paired, two buddies can chat all they want through their COM:LINK radio - organize your own “secret missions” for play, or use it in real situations where there is no cell signal coverage - great in San Francisco!


 The decibel meter goes up and down as you speak into the COM:LINK. It works just like a real radio - hold down the Talk Button to chat with your buddy. Mute your speakers to mantain your cover.


COM:LINK is now available on the iTunes App Store for FREE!

Look for our upcoming COM:LINK companion app which will include extra features.