Héctor Ramos

EyeTour Puerto Rico Wins SME WebAd Award 2009

EyeTour.com, Puerto Rico’s Premier Online Video Guide, won the 2009 WebAd Award for best website of the year, given by the Sales and Marketing Executives Association (SME) of Puerto Rico.

This online tourist guide to Puerto Rico, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, promotes the island as a world‐class destination through the Internet, taking advantage of the technological advances, interactivity, and global reach provided by the medium. The initiative, co‐founded by Juan Agustín Márquez, José Martí, and Alfredo Richner, began as a 40‐point tour of Old San Juan. EyeTour.com currently hosts over 100 videos of tourist attractions around the entire island, complemented by thousands of photographs and high‐quality editorial content.

EyeTour.com has become a unique online experience in the Caribbean, where visitors can explore Puerto Rico’s best attractions, including historical sites, beaches, nature reserves, museums, restaurants, and much more, through high‐quality videos, articles, and photographs. Visitors can download videos to their iPods, iPhone or personal video player of choice and realize our company’s vision: Be your own guide,” commented José Martí, President of Production for the company.

“We are working on making EyeTour.com’s unique audiovisual content available to the public through other means. A DVD series of Puerto Rico’s greatest attractions is in development, as well as a mobile application for the iPhone and iPod touch that will take the tourist experience to a whole new level of interactivity,” mentioned Alfredo Richner, President of Research & Development for EyeTour.com. “Also,” added Juan Agustín Márquez, President of Sales, “we are reaching out to the local business owners so they can advertise their services in the most innovative way possible – through our online guide. We want every restaurant, tour operator, store, small and medium business, parador, and hotel in Puerto Rico to form part of EyeTour.com.”

By June 2009, EyeTour.com will have reached some 150,000 visitors from around the world with over half a million pages viewed this year. EyeTour.com launched on July 31, 2007 with the official support and sponsorship of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. That same year it won the EnterPRize Business Plan Competition, allowing the company to focus on the project’s expansion and development of a new, more robust, and agile website, which debuted December 2008 and was recently recognized as Best Website by the SME.

The WebAd Awards recognize the best use of the Internet in five categories: 1) best integration in a 360º campaign, 2) best integration in a public relations or non‐profit campaign, 3) best integration in a promotional campaign, 4) best internet advertisement, and 5) best website.

The EyeTour Team accepts the award for Best Website.The EyeTour production and web development team consists of José Martí, Juan Agustín Márquez, Alfredo Richner, Pablo López, Adrián Richner, Gabriel Sánchez, Andrés Richner, Sherman Wildman, Danette Hudoba, Jacob Serlen, and Gerardo Rodriguez. Congratulations!