Héctor Ramos

Gowalla Spots in Puerto Rico

Last Thursday I “launched” @GowallaSpotsPR, a hastily thrown together mash up that monitors Gowalla spots around Puerto Rico and tweets out all the new spots it finds.

On Friday, I added Hot Spots to the list - any trending spots will be tweeted out as well.

This project has been worked on for all of two hours between Thursday and Friday, after which I left for a weekend getaway in the mountains of Puerto Rico so I was unable to monitor and adjust the service during the weekend.

I know some of you have some suggestions, so let me know in this thread what you would like to see.

@luisjv commented on the spamming whenever there are many new spots. I currently have it set so that it will tweet out a maximum of six new spots, with the last tweet pointing out how many new spots where not tweeted due to the hard limit of six. I thought this would be enough, since it only runs once an hour, but I agree that it can become annoying if there are many spots being created during the day.

I want to know - is it fine the way it is, since only Gowalla fans would follow it anyway and would still be interested in this information, or should I lower the limit?

Would it be better, then, to run the service twice per hour? This would hopefully split the updates in half.

@arkhangel also suggested a way to find dupe spots. I’m going to think about this, I could probably use the GPS and name to mark which are suspected dupes.

I’m also considering opening up an RSS feed of all the spots, and adding geolocation data to the tweets sent out, so that you can see the location of the spots from your favorite Twitter client without going into the Gowalla website.