Héctor Ramos

WWDC 2010 in Early June


Apple has finally announced the dates for this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference: June 7 - 11. The announcement has been expected since mid-March, when they usually set the final dates. Although this year’s dates match up with last year’s, it is still a little weird to still have the conference 5 weeks from the announcement. We now need to scurry and make arrangements, both travel-wise and project-wise, to be able to be in San Francisco for the second week of June.

WWDC09 was focused on Snow Leopard and iPhone OS 3.0

Another unexpected change, but that actually makes sense due to the proximity of the conference, is that this year Apple is not offering an early buyer discount. While last year the Conference Ticket was $1,299 for the first few weeks, and then $1,599 starting on April 24th, this year the Ticket price is a flat out $1,599 from the get go. Last year, WWDC09 sold out on April 28th, just like the previous year in mid-May. 


Not wanting to risk getting left out of WWDC2010, I bought my ticket yesterday as soon as I heard the news. Seems like Apple is expecting a third sold out conference and as such is not considering early buyer discounts. WWDC09 was a very organized event, the Wi-Fi never died out, and we had lots of coffee and snacks through out the day, in addition to the complimentary breakfast and lunch (plus Thursday’s CAKE Bash which had free dinner and booze).

Don’t miss out this year. Buy your ticket today before it sells out.

Overlooking San Francisco from the Marin Headlands