Héctor Ramos

Such Is Life

That simple statement has created an uproar in Puerto Rico. “Rivieras del Caribe”, a proposal to revive the lands given back to Ceiba by the US military, is led by Jaime Gonzalez. Monday, August 24 saw the release of a video taken mid-July, during which Jaime Gonzalez told Ceiba residents that indeed, the proposal is geared toward tourists and affluent people, if you can’t afford the stores, you may go and take a stroll and watch the cruise ships come in. They can also people-watch the rich as they shop! And if you don’t like it, well, “such is life.”.

The phrase was quickly picked up by the Puerto Rican Twitter community. A common comeback for any kind of whine is, well, “such is life!” In honor of the phrase, redod has created a new design to commemorate the life of the rich and affluent!

OK, so inspiration turned the design into a Sushi chef stylization of Jaime Gonzalez, and the phrase might have been changed a little, but hey, such is life!

The design has been uploaded to CafePress, for the sole enjoyment of those who can afford to buy a T-Shirt! If you can’t, well, like redod, says, you may stroll in and look at the designs, you won’t get charged for that.