Héctor Ramos

Need an iPhone App?

Finding out what it takes to develop an iPhone app is a lengthy process - first an idea needs to be developed into a sound design, resources need to fit the development schedule, and deadlines need to be met. However, before we go through all these steps, we first need to establish a business relationship.

There is a trend where I am usually contacted by an idea person - someone who has a general idea of what an “awesome” iPhone application would be like, all they need is for me to develop it and retain 50% or less of the profits. If this fits you, I’m sorry to say I am not the developer you’re looking for. This is a high risk situation which does not benefit me. Really, do the math. There is a small chance of the application making it big. If it fails, I’ve just lost weeks of development time and you’ve lost nothing. If it works, you’re sharing in 50% of the profits without having done much at all - ideas are nothing, execution is everything. I’d rather use my free time to develop my own, just-for-fun iPhone apps.

If you’re still reading this and think that you could work with me on an iPhone application, great! Please request a quote. The form will allow me to have a better idea of what you need to be developed. The complexity of the application will help me determine if I should reach out to trusted iPhone developers or if the application can be executed by just a single developer. It also helps me let you know quickly how much it is going to cost to develop the application.

Developing an iPhone application is not cheap. The development costs cover equipment, utilities, office space and salaries. Also, some features such as Push Notifications carry a recurring cost. I hope that establishing a formal application development request form will help everybody meet their expectations.