Héctor Ramos

Objectify. Give JSON, Receive Code.

I’ve been testing Objectify for the last few weeks, and I’m happy to see it available now on the Mac App Store.

Objectify is an indispensable addition to an Objective-C programmer’s toolbelt. It’s pretty simple, actually: feed it some JSON, and it will spit out a set of classes all ready to handle that JSON. Be it for quick prototyping, or for actual use in your app, this effectively saves you all the time it would take you to wire up your base classes. It’s simple but tedious work that can now be taken care of with a few clicks.

Objectify has quickly found a spot in my development routine. For example, I used Objectify last night to write a Wufoo forms wrapper in 20 minutes using the documentation’s sample JSON payloads. I am also using it in an upcoming app that Polsense is working on.

Get Objectify today on the MAS or buy it directly from tigerbears. You may also Objectify updates on Twitter @objectifyapp. Congrats to Bill Kunz for shipping this great app!