Héctor Ramos

Startup Lessons Learned Conference Simulcast

I’d like to invite anyone in the, or near, San Juan area who is interested in lean startup methodologies to attend the simulcast that will be held at Gauss Research Laboratories this friday at noon. The Startup Lessons Learned Conference will be live streamed, free of charge, all over the world in various cities. Fortunately, San Juan, PR has stepped up to join the 50 cities that will participate in the global simultaneous broadcast.

Please RSVP.

From the event description:

Startup Lessons Learned is the first event designed to unite those interested in what it takes to succeed in building a lean startup. The goal for this event is to give practitioners and students of the lean startup methodology the opportunity to hear insights from leaders in embracing and deploying the core principles of the lean startup methodology. The day-long event will feature a mix of panels and talks focused on the key challenges and issues that technical and market-facing people at startups need to understand in order to succeed in building successful lean startups.

Confirmed Speakers and Participating Mentors:

  • Andres Glusman, Meetup (@glusman)