Héctor Ramos

SXSW Photo Recap

Paul did a great recap of SXSW 2010 that effectively captures the whole feeling of being in Austin during SXSW. Since I forgot my camera charger at home and my battery wasn’t charged (yeah, horrible planning on my part) I wasn’t able to snap many photos other than those taken on my iPhone. A shame, so I encourage you to check out his pictures to get an idea of how SXSW was this year.

Sixth street was very busy during SXSWi but it wasn’t until SXSW Music started that they closed it off. It was neat walking for blocks and blocks through crowds of happy, festive people, with lots of live music blaring around you. Paul shot the video above from the same perspective.

Here’s another video, this one by Glenn, a montage from all the pictures taken during SXSW:


Here are a couple of pictures I uploaded to Gowalla during my trip. There’s not much to see here, as I was more preoccupied with all the panels going on at the same time.

The Texas State Capitol grounds:

Inside the Capitol

Texas RangerTexas State Capitol Plaque












One Taco, a tasty taco truck that partnered with Gowalla to give out random free tacos upon checkin:










One of Google’s new employees this year, Chris Messina during his ActivityStreams panel:


Josh Williams of Gowalla during his talk at the Facebook Developer Garage: