Héctor Ramos

iPhone 3G S Obtained!

I had to work today, like every friday and the whole week, so I was not sure I’d be able to snag a new iPhone 3G S before clocking in at work. I went to Plaza Carolina’s flagship AT&T store at 8AM and luckily there was almost no queue. Fifteen minutes in and out and I’ve got the new iPhone 3G S 32 GB model in my possession.

I had already played with it last week during WWDC, played around with the Compass and so on, but that was under the closeful watch of Apple engineers. Now, after been able to use it a little more, I can really say it is blazing fast. Applications launch much faster, pictures are snapped quickly and look GREAT.

Tested out Voice Control and it is pretty good. The quality of videos looks OK for an iPhone. Let’s see how it fares during the next few days…